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600481-Hemp Wick, Containers 3.5"-4.0" in Diameter
600481-Hemp Wick, Containers 3.5"-4.0" in Diameter

Our Price: $5.00

Product Code: 1105

25 Bees wax dipped wicks 6" long.  For Containers 3.5"-4" in Diameter.

Wicks, the core of the candle, where the flame is lighted giving your candle that comforting glow.   The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pots shares a strong “common wick” with people of all walks of life whom love to make candles,  create some magic and miracles in their lives and the lives of others, and to make a difference.  We connect with others and with ourselves while playing and pouring.  The “common wicks” we have chosen are the ECO wick & 100% Hemp Core Wicks made in the U.S.A.  

The 100% HEMP CORED WICK  Made in the U.S.A.,  is a naturally strong fiber which makes these wicks stand up and burn great.   These wicks contain no lead, are not chemically treated and are braided with pure U.S. unbleached cotton.  They are wax primed, pre-cut to 6” length and tabbed with 20mm round, 3mm neck tabs.  

Choosing a Wick

Choosing the perfect wick is the most difficult part of making a candle.  It is the difference between a candle that leaves no wax left on the sides of the containers or not.  So it takes some testing and only you can decide which is the perfect wick for your formula of wax, fragrance and dye.  There are many variables involved, like melt temperature, pour temperature, humidity, elevation and so on,  making the results of your candle creation different than someone else, so The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pots doesn’t recommend the “correct” wick for your container or situation.  

Our wicks are 6” in length, unless otherwise stated, and they are listed in the order of smallest container diameter first.  Containers larger than 5” in diameter can be doubled wicked or triple wicked.  It all depends on the diameter size of your container.

Don’t worry about making mistakes because they will just “melt” away anyway as soon as you light your candle.   Remember  to just have fun with creating your very own Natural Soy Candles, enjoy the entire process of choosing  your wick, your color, and your fragrance and most of all just get into the moment, the “wow of now”!!!!

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